Are you a police, enforcement, tactical, special op’s, or military retailer ?

Our S-TEN CUFF™ is a new to category restraint system, our ‘USP’ is innovation. We offer a restrain tool/system that simply works in all types of enforcement, and tactical situations, the S-TEN CUFF™ is designed with ease of use, tactical application, and safety in mind; not to mention it’s precision engineered design, S-TEN CUFF™ is truly the future of dynamic tactile restraints, that users trust.

As part of our product offering, our support program ensures you receive our premium handcuffs as and when you require them, procurement and orders are seamless, and delivery is tracked from our distribution centre to yours. Our support team are just as precise, here to answer any enquiries you may have about our premium product and benefits for your customers and partners.

As part of our network of stockists/retailers, you’ll receive an authentic high resolution media kit for inclusion in your online assets, and digital media platforms, additional requests for high resolution imagery and media is all handled internally, ensuring our S-TEN RESTRAINTS™ brand is a standout for your inventory and kit offering.

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Are you an agency, private security firm, or precinct considering stock inventory enhancement and volume procurement opportunities? are your organisations seeking a product with a unique selling point or tactical point of difference in product offering, we are the only brand with something truly unique to the handcuffs and restraints product category.

At S-10 Security we’ve been working tirelessly to bring innovation to every facet of S-TEN CUFF™, in doing so, we’ve considered from the outset, every opportunity to maximize effectiveness and output. Not only have we innovated product and rethought the system, we’ve also contained the costs to end-users.

Key development goals included the minimisation of costs and waste for volume procurement and product rollouts; with that customer-friendly mindset we prioritised compatibility alongside other design features. As a result we are proud to announce that the S-TEN CUFF™ is compatible with Smith & Wesson M100-1 standard Police Issue handcuffs.

What does this mean for our customers? We have the ability to enhance refit your existing Smith & Wesson M100-1 Police Issue handcuffs and convert this existing stock to a S-TEN CUFF™ enhancement upgrade, Not only is the
S-TEN CUFF™ conversion cost effective for volume procurement, it also provides an ethical and sustainable approach to utilising existing inventory, without rendering any existing functional equipment obsolete.

Talk to us about acquisition of your stock for conversion to S-TEN CUFF™ enhancement upgrades, and empower your workforce with the latest in restraints technology.

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