Precision designed and engineered from the outset, sparing no effort or available technology to achieve precision in design of a tool such as the S-TEN CUFF™ which demands the highest attention to detail and integrity of composition.

Oren Engineering have been absolutely critical in realising the S-TEN CUFF™ from it’s humble beginnings to its current status, Oren have been at the forefront of delivering an exceptionally concise approach of expertise to realise both design feasibility and practical functionality at every phase of product development and production.


It’s one thing to produce a tool which claims to provide unrivalled performance in its intended environment at maximum output, and entirely another, when it’s supported by the scrupulous level of design compliance testing required to meet both ethical and functional requirements which meet regulation and industry standards.

Sand Box Consulting were a reputable choice in verifying our products claims of strength and integrity, but also in confirming our products design both meet and exceed NIJ and other regulatory industry standards, their integral contribution redeems fact and eliminates fiction, as such our products stand up to our superior quality test.

S-TEN CUFF oren engineering handcuffs restraints


Fabricated from the finest quality materials, and manufacturing methods, utilising the latest available technologies and manufacturing equipment operated by one of New Zealand’s leading plastics specialists in their field.

Pike Plastics stepped up to the plate to engage the S-TEN CUFF™ challenge, with their unrivalled expertise in manufacturing of high temperature / pressure injection moulding, S-TEN were immediately at the forefront of the industry, working with the best in business, the results of their expertise speak entirely for themselves.

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