"The S-ten Cuff has been precision designed with the human element in focus from the outset and offers accessible functionality. This impressive new thinking innovation in restraints is truly and simply brilliant!" ~ Peter Battensby


"Material selection was imperative for the S-ten Cuff design; it is beautifully comfortable to grip and incredibly lightweight and sturdy. Plastics are the future of manufacturing technology the S-ten Cuff exploits every facet" ~ Rex Pike


"S-ten worked tirelesly to ensure their cuff meets all regulatory and technical standards in its field, insured by our intense design verification and certification analysis; S-ten have achieved a feat of design meets function" ~ Dave Manley

The FUTURE of Restraints Is Here

Discover the S-TEN CUFF in 360º 3D

Stenfinn Olivecrona

The brainchild and inventor of the S-ten Cuff; possessing a long history of experience working in the New Zealand security industry, over time Sten became aware of, and had been involved in an increasing number of situations, which required response to, and restraint of volatile offenders.

During security detail, armed only with a torch as a tool for safety and personal defence; Sten realised that there was a fundamental lack of available tools, which were compliant within New Zealand regulations for those who were entrusted with public security and safety.

Sten In 2004, had a brainwave, which he believed could change the way in which a subject was restrained; empowering security and enforcement to gain control of a non-compliant offender quickly and safely, reducing risk of resistance and injury with a compliance tool.

Taking action, Sten set out, to realise his vision and over the next decade, despite facing many challenges both commercial and personal, the S-ten concept has been brought to life.



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